Thursday, 5 March 2009

gillian kyle

Just in... a collection of bags, teatowels & aprons by Glasgow designer Gillian Kyle celebrating some 'icons'of Scottish life! In Gillian's words her work has '...a distinctly Scottish theme and a large dash of humour.' Featuring such Scottish treasures as teacakes, plain bread, scotch pies, and some well known varieties of porridge oats, soft drinks & lager! Oh...and for the dog lovers there's a westie too!

Prices range from £6 for a small shopper (great for posting), teatowels £7, large shoppers £12, aprons £12, and the large glitzy teacake canvas bags at £15.


Jo Hannah said...

Hi Gillian,
My gorgeous Teacake Bag arrived today! It's brilliant! Thanks! ;-)

Nora Reid said...

I've seen a friend of yours in the Glasgow Print Studio a few months ago and absolutely loved it!!! Just came across your blog today... so nice to actually "meet" the artist. Well done!!!

boo vake said...

hi there, I'm afraid this isn't Gillian's blog but if you click on the the link in the post (in orange) it will take you to her website. Arlene x