Friday, 19 March 2010

robots, elephants & vegetables

Aah don't you love him?! He's the new Sentinel robot clock we have in the shop from The Original Metal Box Company.

Also new in are these very clever solar-powered nightnightlights. See that smiley sun above the robot, well that's backed by a little solar panel which you attach to a sunny window and during the day the little night light charges up and at night you pop it back into the back of your cheery robot or elephant to give a reassuring back-glow.

And with spring having kind of sprung and gardening back on the agenda we have this rather lovely Harvest seed cabinet (herbs & spices cabinet or CD cabinet if you like).
Robots, elephants & vegetables all designed by the renowned '60s designer Cifford Richards (who has much of his work from the '60s & '70s in the collection of the V&A) and is still very much (alive &) designing today.

sentinel clock £32, nightnightlight £34, seed box (20cmx20cm) £42. made from powder coated steel

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