Wednesday, 21 April 2010

thank you!

A belated thank you to the marvellous Sarah & Graeme who very kindly looked after boo vake for me on the Saturday (10th) when I was away enjoying the tail end of a break in the Czech Republic. This was their second time helping out in the shop (the first being when I fell off a chair and broke my knee a few years ago) and apparently it still hasn't put them off. Thank you both - much appreciated!


Buy Design said...

Where were you? We were in Prague before easter and just loved it. Had a few days in Vienna, then Budapest and finished in Prague. Fabulous holiday.. hope yours was too.

boo vake said...

Hi Fiona, had a fine time. We were in Prague a couple of days, then Liberec up north, then over to near Brno. Not near as glamorous as your trip!x