Friday, 11 June 2010


Weekends can be very short when you work in a shop. A few recent ones....

Jazz night at Blair Drummond Safari Park. Music, picnic, penguins, dancing, dodgems, & the big blue wavy slide thing. Very exciting! Finishing off with high-kicking to New York, New York.

Atholl Highlanders Ball and Atholl Gathering (the following day) in Blair Atholl. All the usual events (dancing, tossing the caber, tug-of-war etc) with a bit of wrestling and vintage Skoda pulling thrown in. Ken (my man) can just be seen behind the guy with the big drum (and up top 3rd from right in the 'Highlanders' race) -whilst I retreat up the hill to feed my hangover chips and curry sauce.

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Ceri E. S. White said...

Ha ha ha - it is a real thing! Looks good... I mean,penguins,Skoda pulling and men in kilts... you cannae go wrong! x