Friday, 15 October 2010

new lightshades

Some of the lightshades we have in the shop at the moment from the ladies of Lush Designs. Above and below is the new London shade in cream & black (£48).

Buffalo Bill's Wild West show in red (pendant) or a lovely yellow (lamp). The yellow one would be perfect for a standard lamp (£60) - infact it would be perfect for my standard lamp at home...mmmm.

Small fox & cubs shades in red (pendant) or pale grey & cream (lamp) -£30. We have this design on a bag as well.

Wild Boar shades - the 'big stumpy' in green (pendant) - £72, and small brown/black (lamp & pendant) - £28.


Farnell said...

great blog, pop over and see me

Anonymous said...

Wow! So darn cute!