Friday, 24 June 2011

a new designer...

New to our shelves at boo vake are a whole range of biscuity treats from Dundee based designer/maker Nikki McWilliams - from biscuit badges, brooches, prints and fabulous screen-printed Tunnocks Caramel Wafer & Teacake cushions!

Confession now.... such is my own dread at being without a cuppa I have a bit of a habit of stashing the odd teabag or two in various pockets or bags (which invariably end up as a heap of tea leaves in amongst other pocket debris or falling at my feet when searching for change at a busy checkout) so I for one can see the utter brilliance in encapsulating an actual teabag into a badge and pinning it to yourself! (see below). Well done Nikki!!

As well as her Emergency Tea badges, we also have Caramel Wafer & Teacake badges, wooden Custard Cream & Digestive Biscuit brooches, and a celebratory limited edition screen-print of 'the best of the basic biscuits' - the not to be underestimated Malted Milk!

caramel wafer cushion £39, teacake cushion £28, caramel wafer/teacake badges £2, emergency tea badge £3, custard cream/digestive wooden brooches £8, malted milk limited edition screen-print £12

All images courtesy of Nikki McWilliams


Buy Design said...

Absolutely love the biscuity theme. Enjoy your break
Fiona x

boo vake said...

Thanks Fiona - it was great (& just a bit too hot!)x