Saturday, 11 February 2012

stags, boars, clowns & crows

At last a new blog post! In my (feeble) defense I have spent the beginning of this year painting what seems like endless coats of paint on our walls & ceiling (almost there), trailing around trade fairs & making lots of new orders to keep things fresh here in the shop. All this whilst spreading boo vake thinly over Tweetdom & Facebookland too (mmm...two more things for potential neglect?).
In the meantime shop life has gone on with  new (undocumented) things arriving all the time. Which brings me on to these gorgeous new prints from out of the head of Lush Lady Maria Livings. You might recognise the top two designs as they feature on some of our most admired lamp shades.

wild boar
They are A3 size (so will fit many standard frames) and are digitally printed onto traditional mould-made paper - beautiful quality and £25 each!

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