Thursday, 24 May 2012

a little bit of jubilee...

Everywhere you look at the moment there are Jubilee themed shop windows strewn with red, white & blue. We've not quite gone down that road here at Boo Vake but we do have a small collection of Jubilee(ish) items (that we rather like) in the shop at the moment....

The Jubilee Jelly Mould!! Comes complete with instructions on how to get the best wibble & when you're finished making the perfect Queen's head jellies you can hang it on the wall! £10
Royal Tea bone china Jubilee mug. Featuring royal commemorative cups from the past. Comes in it's own little labelled box. £10

Woof bone china Jubilee mug. Two rather regal corgis proclaim the big event. Also comes in it's own little labelled box. £10

Those little boxes for the Jubilee mugs! All the Illustrations are by Charlotte Farmer.

Close-up from the Royal Tea teatowel. 19 different royal commemorative mugs & cups from years gone by. £12 

 Fabulous temporary tattoos. Two different packs available. £3 each  

A 'subtle' blend of two events in one with Lush's Royal Dressage teatowel. Royal malarkery in the park! Love the pantomine style horses. £11

Well there you have it! And all made here in the UK.

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