Friday, 16 August 2013

looking for a new home...

....that is, for my hoardings of knobs & handles.

It's been about 6 years since I stopped working on furniture in the shop but although I've (mostly) rid myself of my collection of 'useful pieces of wood'  I still have 14 years worth of knobs, handles & miscellaneous removed from various pieces of furniture pre-revamp. I've just unearthed 2 boxes of these from under the seating at the back of shop and I've finally had to admit their time is most definately up.

Rather than throwing them out I'd LOVE to give them to somebody out there that could make use of them. Somebody that didn't just think they were junk. I'm not definite about the exact number but there must be hundreds of them, of all sorts. 

If you think you could do something interesting with them, or know that person who could, AND can pick them up from the shop in Perth, then drop me (Arlene) an email at

I'm ever hopeful.
UPDATE: They've gone! And to someone who thought they were 'treasure'! Who'd have thought I'd get a teeny bit emotional on parting with them (I suppose they represent quite a part of the shop's history) - but on the other hand, it's great to get a bit more space back!

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