Friday, 6 February 2015

new work by Hilke MacIntyre - prints...

The Mound - Edinburgh (linocut print 30x40cm, paper size 40x50cm) - £75

It's always a joy to get new work in by Fife-based artist Hilke MacIntyre in the shop. We've got a new batch of ceramic reliefs, linocut & woodcut prints, and a fabulous painting in this week. Here's a wee look at the limited edition prints (click on each print for a larger image)...

Hare (linocut print 20x20cm, paper size 30x30cm) - £50

The Visit (woodcut print 29.7x42cm, paper size 35x47cm) - £90
Coffee Under The Tree (linocut print 21x29.5cm - A4) - £60

On The Water (linocut print 10x15cm, paper size 15x20cm) - £30
Hare In The Snow (linocut print 21x29.7cm - A4) - £45

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