Friday, 11 July 2008

welcome to our new blog

With the new website (eventually!) up and running we thought the best way to keep everybody in the picture would be to run a blog alongside. And here it is! Here we will post news, new arrivals, and anything else we think might interest you.

top left: hanging bird by lush designs; tape-measure make-up bag by erin originals; soop rings. midddle: johanna basford mug; lavender bods by the black rabbit; space hopper by kate geoge. bottom left: hang-about-horses by andrea williamson; vintage shopper by showpony; cyril squirrel-fox by donna wilson.


SueScot said...

I only stumbled over Boo Vake today my chance - although I am a regular visitor to Perth, I didn't know of this shop. I am so glad I did! What a range of lovely, unusual items. I will keep you in mind when I want special gifts for birthdays and Christmas. For today though, I treated myself to a beautifully- crafted necklace. Thank you!

boo vake said...

Thanks for that suescot! Hope to see you back soon.