Wednesday, 20 August 2008


We have new things from Brighton's Sukie! First off are the travel journals which have silkscreen printed covers and inside a mix of lined, plain & squared paper. They also have sewn-in envelopes to hold all the 'stuff' ' you've picked up along the way! Priced £9.50.
Next we have the perfect multi-purpose notebook. One half of it has plain paper, then turn it over and the other half is lined! The covers are silkscreen printed and the paper is recycled (as are all the Sukie notebooks we have). They are £7 each.

Finally, we have 3 more designs of Sukie's screenprinted hankies. They are big enough to use as scarves, or (as I've done in the shop) they can be stretched over a canvas and hung on the wall. They are £8 each.

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