Friday, 10 July 2009

český krumlov - czech trip (pt 2)

Some more pictures from our recent trip to the Czech Republic (part 1 here). After our cycling adventures we ended up in the picturesque town of Český Krumlov for the Five Petalled Rose Festival (and met up with a few friends from Perth). The festival happens every year but this year it marked the 700th anniversary of the town's existance so it was a wee bit special.

The river Vltava loops it's way around the old town of Český Krumlov making it great fun for an endless stream of canoeists and raftists, who could - if they liked - go around once, hoick their boats out of the water, walk a few metres and do the same thing over again.

it was a bit wet this morning

Loads of medieval type things happening - markets, street entertainment, a massive costumed parade - strangely not out of place in the cobbled streets of the old town - and more importantly lots of laid back eating and drinking - wandering around with beer in hand wondering why we're not allowed to do the same back home.

Men with tight trousers on horses about to show off their manly jousting and general horsemanship skills. This was just a rehearsal before they got all dressed up for the proper do the next day but much more fun as it got a bit busy then. A lot of strutting going on. Most impressive.

A sneak pic of the them all dressed up. Ken must have stood on somebody's head for this as the rest of us couldn't see a thing.

The grand parade as seen from our friends' rather plush hotel accomodation in centre of the old town.

We were very lucky as Ken's long-standing buddy Aleš Dvořák (brewer at the massive Budvar Brewery, tank commander, and a bit of a star in the brewing world) comes from Český Krumlov and let us have the run of his childhood apartment -which was still packed full of the fittings and furniture from the 60's and 70's and a real joy for me. Not quite the old town but with a grand view of the castle. Perfect.

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