Thursday, 9 July 2009

more donna wilson

Nothing brings a smile to my face more than opening up a new box of knitted creatures from one of my favourite designers Donna Wilson. And today was one of those happy (clockwise top left) Rosie, Rufus, Berty & Pierre! Now who wouldn't want to take one of these guys home with them (I've had to stop myself carrying them about the shop). Also, along with the ever popular 'make your own monster' kits we now have some 'make something with me' ones where you can (with a few suggestions on the back) make anything you please.
'make something with me' kits £8, creatures £37-£39.

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Buy Design said...

Just found your blog through Claire at Barony Crafts. Will have to visit your shop sometime. I am a beginner by your standards but have a nice little shop called Buy Design in Alyth.