Friday, 20 November 2009

gift guide....more gifts!

1. angry ginger by Donna Wilson. this little fella is a bit grumpy but soft inside! £34; 2. 'in'decision bag by Megan Price. for those that have a bit of trouble making up their minds - screenprinted with 'yes please' on one side and 'no thanks' on the other, £14; 3. stripey-pipey from The Black Rabbit, £21; 4. screenprinted bingo bag by Megan Price, £14; 5. pocket mirrors from Hannah Turner, £4; 6. harry hairy head by Donna Wilson. he's a big fan of roller discos and cherry cola (and he can pretend to be a cushion if you like), £45; 7. felt coasters by Donna Wilson, pack of 4, £12; 8. town tea-towel from Lisa Jones (packed in a cardboard tube for easy posting), £10; 9. knitted lavender bod keyrings/charms by The Black Rabbit, £5; 10. d-i-y bunting kit from Showpony, using a mix of Emma's hand-printed organic fabric, £19; 11. rosie by Donna Wilson. she's a lover of ladybirds and rainbow beetles but doesn't like being left alone! £39; 12. screenprinted organic cotton washbags, cosmetic bags & pencil cases from Sukie, £25, £23 & £12; 13. rufus from Donna Wilson. he likes his ears being stroked (well who doesn't) but he's not too fond of smelly feet (ditto)!£37

Another gift guide from our updated website. See this one (and all the others) a bit bigger here.

**our website seems to be down after maintenance by our website provider....grrr! hopefully it will be back up soon. sorry for any inconvenience.**


Kickcan & Conkers said...

lovely gift guides :)

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