Friday, 6 November 2009

strungling on

snook - knitted door snake by The Black Rabbit
Apologies to anyone who found the shop shut on Wednesday afternoon. I did a rare thing and had to close up due to feeling rather unwell. I can't remember the last time this has happened in the last 16 years (well excusing breaking a leg). Like most self employed people you work through most things and 'save up' the worse for holidays & days off (Christmas being a favourite). Anyway, managed back in body if not mind on Thursday and today beginning to feel a bit more human. Meanwhile loads of parcels and packages have been arriving from the likes of Lesley Barnes, Lydia Leith, Hannah Nunn, Alicia MacInnes, Lollipop, The Black Rabbit, and Joanna Hunter, and once I've regained the power to unpack there will be lots of lovely new things on the shelves at boo vake.

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