Tuesday, 23 February 2010


It's so so cold here in Perth today (again) and oh so lovely. February has been amazingly dry, bright and full of blue skies so I'm a bit disinclined to make any negative comments about the toe freezing cold for fear of breaking the spell.
Anyway lots of new things have been making their way onto the shelves here in the shop and I'll have a few updates coming up on some of those very soon!

(I'm sitting here in the shop in 2 pairs of tights, socks, jeggings/treggings(?), boots, t-shirt, long sleeved top, thick lined dress, 2 cardigans, wrist-warmers and scarf and this guy has just passed in a pair of shorts!)


Buy Design said...

Was he a teenager? They seem impervious to the cold. Just love the teenage girls in tee shirts. Think all they need to keep warm is a pair of headphones.

boo vake said...

Not this time, a bit at the other end of the age spectrum, pasty legs & a bobble hat!