Wednesday, 3 February 2010

hearts & hotties....

We have some cute little lambswool lavender hearts from Catherine Tough in the shop now! They come in lots of stripey or dotty red & pink combos in a cute (there...I've said it again) little box. Perfect for a wee Valentines gift.

Now the days might be getting a bitty longer with the eeking out of those extra precious minutes of daylight every day but don't be fooled - the chill most definately ain't left yet. Time to snuggle up in style with one of the Catherine Tough lambswool hotties (with hot water bottle inside) we have at boo vake now! Also we have a new selection of Catherine's lambswool socks in some great colours.
lavender hearts in box £11.50, hotties £29, socks £17-£19.50
ps. also newly in -
handmade felted heart brooches from Lynne Ramsay; more aprons, teatowels & bags from Gillian Kyle (and some new teacake baby bibs); a new delivery of mix 'n' match ceramic coasters from Ceri White; more felt brooches & bangles from Syrah Jay.

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