Monday, 29 November 2010

all snowed in...

We're all snowed in here in Perth today. The schools are all closed, as are many shops & businesses, and there's not much movement out on the streets as the snow continues to fall.
And with no end in site for the big chill, what else is there to do but show-off some of the cosy wearable woollies we have in the shop at the moment from the likes of Donna Wilson, Erin McIntyre, Yungi, Catherine Tough, & Hilary grant! All the details of which can be found here.

We also have a range of very beautiful handwoven lambswool, cashmere & silk scarves by Shetland weaver Emma Blain (aka Aamos designs) which would make very special gifts indeed (£40/£45), and other lovely designs from Donna Wilson (tree cloud, rainbow, & pinstripe scarves, and tip-top hats).

Big thanks to the few brave souls who managed to make it to the shop today - with a special mention to the Ayrshire ladies (complete with walking poles) up here on holiday and hoping to make it home tomorrow. Let's hope you make it!

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