Friday, 12 November 2010

been here long?

The most commonly asked question heard in the shop has got to be 'have you been here long?' To which the reply is 'hmmmn.... just a wee while'. For those not in the know we have infact been selling our wares in Perth since 1993. For anybody interested in such things there is now a potted history of the 'boo vake' on the website under 'about us'. One day I'll dig out some pictures of way back just to prove it!


Linnhe Mara said...

At least I have a bit of an excuse for not knowing of your existence until a couple of years ago. My brother in law moved to Perth and lives in a flat just a stones throw from your shop. We always make a point of coming in when we are up visiting him. Your shop is just a treasure trove, I love it.

boo vake said...

Thank you Linnhe Mara! So good to hear.