Friday, 25 February 2011

michelle mason's melamine

You could be forgiven for thinking spring has actually sprung here in Perth today. For the first time in months I've been able to have the shop door open (which I like very much), the sun has indeed been shining (in between showers) and up until a few minutes ago I was without scarf.

A little similiar to how it was in London way back in mid January when myself and my other half went all alfresco outside a riverside pub. No mind the quizzical looks and that everybody else had chosen to be inside by a roaring fire (or the sound of a pneumatic sander filling our heads). The sun was shining, it was an acceptable temperature, and we are Scottish. No more explanation needed.
It was during that trip that I eventually got to see Michelle Mason's lovely melamine tumblers & mugs in person. I've always been drawn to brightly coloured melamine, and especially melamine made in Britain (if it's going to be around for a long while then it's got to be something worth treasuring) - so it's so good to finally have Michelle's tumblers & mugs here in the shop.

And we also have some of Michelle's bus hanging felt decorations.
a melamine mugs £8, melamine tumblers £8, hanging buses £6 each


Little Jackrabbits said...

Loving this blog! xo

boo vake said...

thank you Little Jackrabbits - so kind!