Saturday, 12 March 2011

our forest friends

Hmmm....ok, so Spring may not have sprung in Perth quite yet. Just going to ignore the alternating flurries of snow, sleet, and ice-cold rain outside the window, and celebrate the imminent coming of less sludgy times regardless. Helped along no end by the arrival of some papery goodness designed by Madeleine Rogers (aka Mibo).

Meet our Forest Friends. I've just made up a set of these and they are now sitting most resplendent in our window. They come as flats sheets which you cut out yourself, and with the help of a bit of glue (or double-sided tape as I used) are transformed into super-cute 3d friends with little bobbly heads.

If you're more of a big animal kind of person then maybe The Wid Bunch would be more your thing.

And for lovers of tea-towels.......

.....which can be used for the drying of the dishes OR alternatively cut up and stitched to produced these fine little chaps below!

forest friends paper animals £7, the wild bunch paper animals £7
sew your own fox or lion teatowels £11

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