Thursday, 17 March 2011

new lush designs

More wildlife now. This time in the shape of the new Stag lightshade from Lush Designs. This ones a biggie (measuring about 46cm in diameter and 34cm deep) and features a magestic stag, flapping pheasants, and some rather fierce (but clueless) dogs. We have the big one (pendant) in this pale blue and a smaller version (for a lamp) in taupe.

Also new from Lush are these cat storage tins featuring some rather fetching felines having a tea party!

And new to boo vake these delicious fruit & veg napkins - with brussel sprouts, carrots, beetroot, & rasberries on a nice crisp white cotton. They measure a generous 39cm x 39cm and come boxed in mixed sets of 4 (as pictured above).
ps. red foxy pendant shades and wild pig lamp-shades are now back in stock!
large stag pendant shade £98, small stag lamp-shade £42, cat storage tin £9.50, fruit & veg napkins £29

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