Friday, 18 March 2011

new in from susiemaroon

Some very lovely new things we have in from Edinburgh designer Susie Brown (aka susiemaroon). Really love these phone covers (above & below). They come in either leather or felt, and every one is beautifully presented in card with a little bit of info about Susie/susiemaroon on the back.

Some very stylish Respectable Spectacle cases. They come in three styles - catseye, 1920s readers & aviators.

The Biro bookmark. Comes in four different colourways to keep you in your place in style. I'm sure you could even stick it behind your ear between pages.

on the shelves

phone me leather phone holders £20, phone me felt phone holders £11, respectable spectacle glasses cases £15, biro bookmarks £8


dropstitch said...

Thanks for your kind words of crochet encouragement :) I had a bit of a breakthrough today, following the same bend-the-rules approach as you, so should be starting the real blanket soon. I was relieved to find how much easier it was once the first row was done. Phew!

Your shop looks lovely. I'm planning to visit Perth at some point over the next couple of months so will definitely visit if I do.

boo vake said...

Ah Good - glad to hear you're off and running! Great blog by the way.
And please do pop in if you're in Perth.