Friday, 29 April 2011

new blue marmalade...

We've had quite a few new arrivals at boo vake this week including a new batch of 'hollow' lighting and 'polyrap' bins from Edinburgh based designers Blue Marmalade.

image from Blue Marmalade

'Hollow' is a versatile two-tone light that can either stand on it's edge, lie on it's side or can be suspended from a hook. We currently have a few in orange/yellow and white/red. And like all Blue Marmalade's products are made in Britain and designed with a strong consideration for the environment - both in using as few materials as possible and in making sure that those materials are recyclable at the end of their useable life. And the best bit - you put them together yourself! Actually they are incredibly easy to assemble, and come with an energy saving bulb included!

image from Blue Marmalade

And this is the new style 'polyrap' wastepaper bin in zingy yellow, newly folded into 3d form (from one sheet of recycleable plastic) by yours truly! Hurrah!

hollow light £34, polyrap wastepaper bin £24

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