Thursday, 4 July 2013

our (best dressed?) window...

As part of Perth Independents' Week this week shops in town were asked to make a display that would promote some aspect of summer in Perth. So with the help of my wooden husband (explanation below) we chose to go with the Perth Kilt Run (Perth, Scotland's attempt to snatch the world record for the largest number of kilted runners from our twinnies Perth, Ontario). 

Due to 'administrative errors' there was a bit of a 'breakdown in communications' with the council team who have been promoting this event so we're really late to the game and are just up on their Facebook page today, waiting to be judged (all lonely and looking for likes). If you are perhaps on Facebook and would like to give us a wee boost you can vote for our window on their FB page here .

ps. you can still vote for us as your favourite Perth shop here

*puppet was a wedding present from our Czech friends Johny & Sima and is a minature version of my other half Ken. Johny carved the marionette & Sima made the clothes. It is rather heavy and usually sits on a chair at home.

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