Tuesday, 2 July 2013

perhaps...um...maybe you'd like to vote for us

This week we are taking part in Perth Independents' Week (a council promoted event hinged around the nationally run Independents' Day on the 4th of July), the aim being to promote the varied & interesting shops we have in our locality.

Boo Vake is taking part in two 'competitions', one of which is Perth's Independent Retailer of the Year. If you would like to vote for us then you will find the link here . So far I think I've persuaded my mum to vote (although she did say she'd have a browse first to see who the other contenders were) so any others would be most gratefully received.

As you can see we're also entered into the Best Dressed Window comp but, as I write, we've not yet made it onto the council's chosen voting arena (perhaps this will happen before the end of the week).  

Hey, let the most brazen win!

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