Tuesday, 1 September 2009

artists studios in perth....please!

Exciting news if you are an artist or maker in or around Perth.....there is a possibility that WASPS (Workshop and Artists Studio Provision Scotland) will open artists studios in Perth.... well, if there are enough interested bodies. WASPS is a charitable organisation which provides affordable studio space for artists & makers and currently has many studios around Scotland.
There is now a small group of artists in Perth who are pushing for a Perth venue and need other artists and makers to declare an interest as WASPS has a policy of only acting on demand. So PLEASE if you are a professional artist or maker in the Perth area (or know somebody who is) and are searching for affordable studio space or have a studio space which is less than ideal and would be interested in re-locating to a more creative environment (or one closer to home) get in touch with WASPS head office (contact details below) and declare your interest in a Perth venue.
WASPS head office, 77 Hanson Street, Glasgow G31 2HF
tel: 0141 554 8299 or e-mail: details here

ps. news about Perthshire Open Studios soon!

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