Friday, 18 September 2009

the black rabbit

The return of knitted delights from The Black Rabbit! Lavender bod keyrings & media mittens back in stock and joined by Stripey Pipey and knitted stripey tea cosies - courtesy of Lindsay from The Black Rabbit.
These always remind me of an interesting 'conversation' I had with a visiting English gentleman a while back when he picked up a lavender bod and brought it to the counter to ask about a price (the price was next to it but never mind). Having been away from the west coast for quite some time my accent has pretty much levelled off but there are certain words that the lilt comes back a bit - one of them being four. I said £4 to which he said sorry? I said again foe...ur. He looked at me rather strangely like I was speaking a foreign language. This went on backwards & forwards for a long while and since I was desperately wanting to be understood it had become foeee.....uurrr. I was fully expecting him to say speak properly girl! Finally I had to write it down for him. He said something like humph! and put it down very quickly as if it was the most extortionate thing he had ever heard (well.. ever seen) and him and the group he was with trooped out of the shop as fast as they could - leaving me stratching my head! Aahh ...the unappreciation of the time and effort put into a handmade item is a topic for another day.

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Buy Design said...

Your new stock is fabulous. Especially the stripey knitted things. Ah Christmas is just around the corner and I feel a shopping trip coming on.