Wednesday, 2 September 2009

perthshire open studios

The second annual Perthshire Open Studios kicks off this weekend (sept 5-13th) with around 80 studios, workshops & galleries taking part. Here at boo vake we will be celebrating our Perthshire artists and makers with new work by ceramic artist Ceri White and driftwood artist Garry Brown, brooches & purses by Roobedo, ceramics from Glenshee Pottery and lovely handmade soap by Barony Crafts.

Ceri has kindly (on boo vake's request - thanks Ceri!) added a majestic stag to her ceramic 'flock' tile range (which she imprints with intricately cut flock wallpaper).

We also have a new batch of driftwood clocks by Perth based Garry Brown. Thanks Garry for getting them here on time!

Ceri White will also be participating in the Open Studios event on her own behalf and you can visit her in her own studio near Dunning throughout the week. Highly recommended! You can also visit soap maker Claire from Barony Crafts & the maker of the 'wee bothies' Diana at Glenshee Pottery. You can see all the participants on the Perthshire Open Studios website or if you are in Perth come and pick up a copy of the brochure here at boo vake.


Ceri E. S. White said...

Glad you requested those Stags, Arlene, they are my current favourites!! Thanks for the kind words - is it sad that I've sent it to the parents, cousins etc?? No? Thought not.
Ceri x

boo vake said...

hi there Ceri! think you've hit the mark with this one, just the right amount of kitsch. have had lots of good comments so far. hmmn...what can I get you to do next?! Arlene x