Friday, 31 October 2008

miss budd

New in are some gorgeous leather purses from London's Miss Budd! Above is the 'lovebird' large purse/clutch. Each one is hand screenprinted onto leather (in this case gold leather) with a different image on either side. At the moment we have yellow on gold (as above) and mauve on gold. They would make a very special present! Priced at £45.
More designs and sizes soon!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

hilke macintyre - ceramic reliefs

garden with wheelbarrow. approx 27cm x 9cm. £70
We have just got in these fabulous ceramic reliefs from Fife based artist Hilke MacIntyre. Enjoy!!
dark tulips. approx 15cm x 15 cm. £65

chocolates. 16.5cm x 11.5cm. £65

cats & flowers. approx 15cm x 15cm. £65

4 gardeners.
digging, raking, cutting & picking. approx 10cm x 7cm. £25 each

Friday, 17 October 2008

anke weckmann

I was really pleased to receive a fabulous package of goodies this week from one of my favourite illustrators Anke Weckmann. Inside was a wonderful collection of badges/brooches, pendants, mirrors & stickers. I wish I'd taken picture of the box. It was a joy to look at in itself...and a treat to open! Even the invoice is beautiful to look at!

badges £7

pocket mirrors £6

screenprinted bird stickers (pack of 20) £5
I hope you like Anke's work as much as I do! Prices range from £5-£7.


Other recent arrivals to boo vake are these fabulous little notebooks by illustrator Kate Seaward for Lov-Li. They are £3.50 each.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

a 2

Adding to the aromas floating around boo vake at the moment are these colourful scented candles by Pintail in Cumbria. As well as the ones pictured above we have jasmine & lemon balm, elderflower & champagne, peony & pink rose bud, and suitably seasonal cranberry spice. mistletoe & wine, and mulled wine. They are £7 each.

a 1

We've had a lot of new bits & pieces appearing recently. I'll start off with the soaps, candles and shower gels from Clare at Barony Crafts. Her scented soy candles last twice as long as normal candles and if you spill them you can clean any spillages with soap and water!
We also have a collection of 8 of her soaps including Relaxing Perthshire Lavender, Scotch Mist & Raspberry Dreels. And lovely Soothing Honey & Oatmeal Shower Gel. All made in Perthshire.