Thursday, 17 January 2013

back in the swing... and discovering the joy of weekends

above: 'neep' by donna wilson *
We may be more than halfway through January but I'm going to say 'Happy New Year' anyway! After a good break away from shop duties (mostly on the Black Isle & home in Perth) it was back to it last week with a head full of the cold & tax return to do (both thankfully now out the way). 

One of the joys of my break was the final weekend here in Perth. Having worked for myself for almost 20 years I can't remember a time when I had a Saturday & Sunday off in succession in Perth. My days off are Sunday/Monday (except the last five weeks before Christmas when it's zero time off). Of course I've had Saturdays/Sundays off when I've gone away on holiday (or to the odd trade fair or when getting married) but rarely (can't actually think of any instance) when I've just been mooching about at home in Perth. In all the time I've known my husband (12 years now I believe) he's put up with us only having Sundays off together. Usually this means that the pressure is on to get out & 'do something' or the day somehow feels wasted. Then comes Monday and although I'm physically not in the shop invariably I'm thinking about it or running errands for it.

So, the delight of waking up on a Saturday morning, in my own bed, and not having any plans, and knowing the next day it would be the same was something else. As it happened we did actually feel a pressure not to waste the Saturday but when Sunday came along all that was out the way and it was guilt-free pottering central at home (even with feeling a bit ropey with colds). It's amazing how much you can pack in when you don't have any expectations. I really could get quite used to this weekend thing. Just as well I do a job that I love as it will be another year before it happens again :) 

* tenuous link to January (when neeps (turnips to Scots/swedes to the English) get a good old outing with haggis & tatties in celebration of Mr R. Burns) .