Thursday, 26 November 2009

christmas give-away!

To mark boo vake now being open every day until Christmas we are giving away this gorgeous screen-printed leather clutch purse by Miss Budd!! It is beautifully printed by hand onto gold leather with a different bird design on either side (we would sell this in the shop for £45).

To have a chance of winning this you can either...
1. leave a message here on the blog and just say you would like to be entered
2. contact us through the website here (just put 'christmas give-away' in the message box)
3. if you are on our contact list you will have received an e-mail from us - all you need to do is click reply and we will have your details.
One entry per person please. And I'll put any entries in a 'bucket' to be drawn in just over a weeks time!

Draw will take place on Sunday 6th Dec!!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

gift guide....woollies

1. birdy walk scarf from Donna Wilson, £37; 2. funky fair isle scarf by Joanna Hunter. in various colours, £32; 3. fox scarf from Donna Wilson, £45; 4. tuck stitch scarf from Joanna Hunter. in various colours, £23; 5. funky fair isle wrist-warmers from Joanna Hunter. in various colours, £24; 6. skyscraper scarves by Donna Wilson, £39; 7. stripey skinny scarves from Yungi, £15; 8. handmade felt scarf by Lynne Ramsay, £29; 9. tuck stitch wrist-warmers by Joanna Hunter. in various colours, £20; 10. skinny scarf from Yungi, £15; 11. rainy days scarf by Donna Wilson, £39; 12. fringed lambswool dizzi scarves from Saltire Designs. in variety of colours, £24; 13. lumi scarves by Victoria Logan, £38 & £39 (tasselled)

A selection of things from boo vake to keep you toasty warm. See this gift guide on our website (bigger!) here.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

gift guide...paper

1. leather bookmarks from Lesley Barnes. from a selection of designs, £4 each or pk of 3, £11; 2. keepsake notelet box by Rosehip, £12; 3. Rosehip notebooks from a selection of designs. small £2.50, large £4.50; 4. I Love Being Recycled memo block (made from old lines of wrapping paper), £8. also available as writing set, £10; 5. d-i-y gift tag set, with original stamp, inkpad, & tags to get you started, £12; 6. from a selection of wrapping paper, £1.50; 7. kitten colouring book by Gemma Correll, £3.60; menagerie postcard book by Girls Who Draw, £8. from a selection of illustrated goodies.8. envelope angel by Blue Marmalade. 100 sets of address & sender labels in handy cardboard dispenser - to send that envelope on another journey! £5; 9. Sukie softback notebooks, £6.50 for pk of 2. from a selection of Sukie notebooks & journals; 10. a selection of cards, £2.50.

Another gift guide from our updated website. See it (bigger) on the website here!

open every day until christmas!!

It's that time of year again and boo vake will now be open every day up until Christmas!
festive opening hours
mon-fri 10-5.50
saturday 10-5
sunday 12-4
ps. the website is now back to normal (hurrah!) so apologises to everyone who tried to have a look at the weekend and found nothing at all or, as on Sunday, found words but no pictures. Apparently all has now been fixed.

Friday, 20 November 2009

gift guide....more gifts!

1. angry ginger by Donna Wilson. this little fella is a bit grumpy but soft inside! £34; 2. 'in'decision bag by Megan Price. for those that have a bit of trouble making up their minds - screenprinted with 'yes please' on one side and 'no thanks' on the other, £14; 3. stripey-pipey from The Black Rabbit, £21; 4. screenprinted bingo bag by Megan Price, £14; 5. pocket mirrors from Hannah Turner, £4; 6. harry hairy head by Donna Wilson. he's a big fan of roller discos and cherry cola (and he can pretend to be a cushion if you like), £45; 7. felt coasters by Donna Wilson, pack of 4, £12; 8. town tea-towel from Lisa Jones (packed in a cardboard tube for easy posting), £10; 9. knitted lavender bod keyrings/charms by The Black Rabbit, £5; 10. d-i-y bunting kit from Showpony, using a mix of Emma's hand-printed organic fabric, £19; 11. rosie by Donna Wilson. she's a lover of ladybirds and rainbow beetles but doesn't like being left alone! £39; 12. screenprinted organic cotton washbags, cosmetic bags & pencil cases from Sukie, £25, £23 & £12; 13. rufus from Donna Wilson. he likes his ears being stroked (well who doesn't) but he's not too fond of smelly feet (ditto)!£37

Another gift guide from our updated website. See this one (and all the others) a bit bigger here.

**our website seems to be down after maintenance by our website provider....grrr! hopefully it will be back up soon. sorry for any inconvenience.**

Thursday, 19 November 2009

website update... and new gift guides

1. hanging birds in printed plywood & card from Lush Designs (orange, red, grey, green & teal), £10; 2. retro cats by Jane Foster with hand screenprinted faces and vintage or retro fabric bodies, £16; 3. Suki Dances purse by Laurie Hastings, £12; 4. leather keyrings/charms by Suzanne Devine, £12; 5. teacake bag by Gillian Kyle in shiny red foil print, £16; 6. make-your-own-monster kit by Donna Wilson with pre-stitched knitted shape ready to be personalised with lots of felty bits, £14; 7. alphabetti badges from Showpony, £1; 8. screenprinted plywood clock from Lush Designs, £42; 9. media-mitttens from The Black Rabbit, to hold your mobile phone or i-pod, £8.50; 10. Charlie Whatsname kit from The Black Rabbit. personalise your own Charlie Whatsname with buttons, felt & other bits, £12; 11. Pierre from Donna Wilson. this little chap loves drinking tea and the odd bit of chocolate, but please keep him away from those pesky wasps! £37; 12. printed bags by Gillian Kyle, featuring our favourite Scottish food items. thin shopper £7, and thick £13. Also on aprons £13 & teatowels £8.

I've just added some new gift guides to the website. Each category (festive, paper, gift ideas, more gift ideas, woollies, bags & purses, jewellery, ceramics, kitchen, house 1 & house 2) have a page with a numbered description below (like above infact! - only bigger). Hopefully this will be easier to manoeuvre and will mean less clicking (too much clicking bad!). See this guide (bigger) here!
I will also post the rest of the guides here on the blog over the next week or so.
Thank you!

Monday, 9 November 2009

leather bookmarks from lesley barnes

Some great printed leather bookmarks that arrived in the shop last week from Glasgow based illustrator & animator Lesley Barnes (aka Lesley Toast). You can see one of Lesley's mesmerising animations Herzog and the Monsters, a tale of a little boy who lives in a house full of Penguin books but is not allowed to touch them, by clicking on the link here.
bookmarks £4 each, or in packs of 3 £11

Friday, 6 November 2009

strungling on

snook - knitted door snake by The Black Rabbit
Apologies to anyone who found the shop shut on Wednesday afternoon. I did a rare thing and had to close up due to feeling rather unwell. I can't remember the last time this has happened in the last 16 years (well excusing breaking a leg). Like most self employed people you work through most things and 'save up' the worse for holidays & days off (Christmas being a favourite). Anyway, managed back in body if not mind on Thursday and today beginning to feel a bit more human. Meanwhile loads of parcels and packages have been arriving from the likes of Lesley Barnes, Lydia Leith, Hannah Nunn, Alicia MacInnes, Lollipop, The Black Rabbit, and Joanna Hunter, and once I've regained the power to unpack there will be lots of lovely new things on the shelves at boo vake.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

emily stewart's dolls

These are some of the papier-mâché dolls we have at boo vake from Perthshire based textile artist Emily Stewart. Emily is a recent graduate from Grays School of art in Aberdeen. In her own words her collection is "inspired by the rekindling of childhood memories and narratives by utilising illustrated stories and textile art as garments displayed on small handmade Papier-Mache dolls". Each one of her dolls "tells an enchanting tale of sentimentality or naivety by employing recycled fabrics and the use of well-worn domestic textiles to which I have explored traditional stitch, print and woven techniques with great sensitivity in order to amplify the fabric’s narrative qualities".
each doll is £45 (approx 28cm tall)

halloween stuff

In Scotland we have a long tradition of doing a 'turn' when out guising at Halloween. None of this extorting goodies through menace - you have to work for it here. This may be a joke, some poetry, a song, or even a bit of a dance. The creative little person may even make something up especially for the occasion. Example: from 4 year old (dressed as a bush) - Q: Why did the vampire cross the road? A: To get to the VERY scary art gallery on the other side! Mmmm....

Monday, 2 November 2009

gillian kyle

Gillian Kyle's ever popular 'Scottish icons' bags, aprons & teatowels have become a permanent feature here at boo vake over the last year, and from all accounts have found their way to all corners of the globe so far. Nice and light for posting they make the perfect presents for sending to all those relatives living abroad (or even London...).

teatowels £8, aprons £13, bags £7, £13, & £16