Tuesday, 10 July 2012

building huts

On Sunday, whilst everybody was glued to the tennis, myself & K  were out lending a hand to my architect brother's hut building project in Falkland in Fife. Two site-specific woodland huts that are being built as part of Falkland Estate's Big Tent Festival (a music & environmental festival happening later this month).
The onsite construction is being done by volunteers (which inevitably means a good dose of friends & family in these things) and by the time we got there Sunday midday f&f troops Bill & Stewart had already been working away with Alasdair for a few hours and were ready to be relieved. 

My chief role was of being 'the extra pair of hands' - holding things, passing things, and going getting things (like lunch/tea). Not the glamour end I know but all very necessary when there's only three of you! By the end of the day the roof was watertight and the canopy was ready to be fixed on. Very satisfying. 

You can read about the project (a bit larger) by clicking on the above picture.

The canvas canopy was put on the next night.

This is the first of the huts, with the second being at a less advanced stage, so still an awful lot to do.  Hopefully will be back again to help out a little bit next Sunday.