Friday, 25 February 2011

michelle mason's melamine

You could be forgiven for thinking spring has actually sprung here in Perth today. For the first time in months I've been able to have the shop door open (which I like very much), the sun has indeed been shining (in between showers) and up until a few minutes ago I was without scarf.

A little similiar to how it was in London way back in mid January when myself and my other half went all alfresco outside a riverside pub. No mind the quizzical looks and that everybody else had chosen to be inside by a roaring fire (or the sound of a pneumatic sander filling our heads). The sun was shining, it was an acceptable temperature, and we are Scottish. No more explanation needed.
It was during that trip that I eventually got to see Michelle Mason's lovely melamine tumblers & mugs in person. I've always been drawn to brightly coloured melamine, and especially melamine made in Britain (if it's going to be around for a long while then it's got to be something worth treasuring) - so it's so good to finally have Michelle's tumblers & mugs here in the shop.

And we also have some of Michelle's bus hanging felt decorations.
a melamine mugs £8, melamine tumblers £8, hanging buses £6 each

Friday, 18 February 2011

jane foster lions & bunnies

These fellas by the very talented Jane Foster are now gracing our shelves at boo vake - and I can't tell you how lovely they are! Beautifully crisp screen-printed faces with a great mixture of vintage and retro fabrics (quite a few Orla Kiely fabrics too) and no two the same.
If it's as dull and dreary with you as it is in Perth today then have a look at Jane's blog - a sure-fire way to brighten your mood.

Jane Foster lion £10, Jane Foster bunny £15

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

drop scones not bombs

A good sentiment indeed from Stuart Gardiner with his Drop Scones Not Bombs shopping bag - now hanging up in boo vake!

Comes complete with a little recipe card for the aforementioned drop scone (or just a pancake if you're in Scotland) traditionally made on a girdle (a griddle in England) - and not to be confused with the girdle scone which is quite a different beast altogether! Much as I like the odd cupcake (or two) give me a pancake (drop scone), rock bun, or girdle scone for that matter any day!

drop scones not bombs bag £9.50

bikes, hearts, party dogs....

Now that Valentines Day is now well out the way......some heart brooches!! Well, we'll call them bike brooches, and as a lover of the two wheels myself (even though the bike has yet to make it out the spare room this year) these ceramic badges by Mary Goldberg hit the mark.

Or for those that prefer a bit of pattern......

And finally a close up of Gemma Correll's new Boston Tea Party wrapping paper!

small ceramic brooches £7.50, large ceramic brooches £8.50

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I'm just back from a couple of days visiting family on the Black Isle (very nice train journey down this morning with sun and a couple of hours of reading time - bliss) to find the postie waiting with a heap of packages. Amongst which were more Glove & Hate oven mitts from Stuart Gardiner (if you were in the shop at the end of last week asking about these for a wedding present - so sorry, didn't think they would come so soon!).

Other new things to arrive were Stuart's Drop Scones Not Bombs tote bags, wrapping paper from Gemma Correll, screenprinted purses & letterpress cards from sarah @ Marram Studio, melamine tumblers & mugs from Michelle Mason, and heart shaped ceramic brooches with bikes on them by Mary Goldberg (pics to come soon).

Friday, 11 February 2011

blossom & bill

Did I say we have these? Blossom & Bill teatowels from Isak in green, brown, pink and blue. Pink hair, orange hair, dark hair, blonde hair, curly beards, messy beards, perfectly neat beards, bow-ties.....

Well we have.
blossom & bill teatowels £10.50

Thursday, 10 February 2011

cards, notebooks, badges....

A bit of fruit & veg now from Sarah Knight with these fabulous new screen-printed cards! (to join her equally magnificent fish-suit (and gentrified dinosaur) cards). Sarah suggests they could be an alternative to the slushy Valentines day card, and I couldn't agree more.

Oh, and her Bright Ideas/Rubbish Ideas screen-printed notebooks are back in stock too!
A wee peek at some new Ewan John badge sets and notebooks that are in the shop right now. The Valentine and Cats & Dogs badges come in mixed sets of 4, printed on white cotton, and are extremely sweet.

And from his Flightless Birds range we have badge sets and two sizes of recycled paper sketchbooks (A5 & A6).
badge sets £5, A5 sketchbook £5, A6 sketchbook £3.50

Friday, 4 February 2011

charlotte farmer

These very scrumptious teatowels by illustrator Charlotte Farmer (for New House Textiles) have just arrived in the shop! For biscuit lovers (and who isn't) her Family Favourites teatowel has a impressive array of biscuit superstars upon it (malted milk, pink wafer, jammy dodger, custard cream, bourbon, nice, tunnocks teacake,.....need I go on!). Not one there I wouldn't eagerly swap a watery clementine for this dark, blustery, and sopping wet Scottish Friday afternoon.

Equally fabulous is the Snow Globes teatowel. Snow globes from around the world, and in the bottom left corner, the best bit, we have none other than The King himself! (As someone who covered their walls in Elvis posters when their contemporaries were all Wham and Duran Duran, this pleases me greatly).

And lastly we have the Custard Cream bag. Perfect for hauling your stash of biscuits back from the supermarket!
family favourites & snow globes teatowels £10, custard cream bag £13.50

Thursday, 3 February 2011

it's back

The Teacake apron was a very sought after item before Christmas indeed - and is now back in stock (brightening up the back corner of the shop once more!).

We also have the Glasgow Breakfast & Creamola Foam aprons, and a whole assortment of tea-towels, bags, baby bibs, and foil-printed & letterpress cards from the Gillian Kyle range too.