Wednesday, 21 September 2011

dee beale

Often I'm asked how I choose things for the shop. Sometimes it's quite a quick immediate process - I see something I think would fit the shop, I get in touch, and I order straight away. More often than not though I see something I really like (and would fit the shop) but it's just not the right time, I can't give it the space or it's just not what I 'need' at that time. These products /designers/artists/makers then go into my 'wishlist', existing in notebooks, my computer or just in my head, and remain there until an opportunity presents. I have a very big wishlist. And sometimes an opportunity never presents.

Which brings me on to the beautiful original prints we have in now from printmaker Dee Beale. They were indeed a long time in the coming. I bought one as a present for a friend a couple of years ago (the one above infact) and was so impressed that I immediately had Dee on that 'wishlist', but as our space for artwork is so limited in the shop, there she remained until very recently.
So we are very pleased indeed to have Dee's work here in boo vake at last. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do.

nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnpartridges (open edition)

red hare (open edition)

winter doves (edition of 100)

snowy owls (edition of 65)

song thrushes (open edition)
original prints by dee beale (approx 10" x 7") £25 - all images courtesy of Dee Beale

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

the future imagined...

Strejda Ken & teta Arlenka (& their dog) sitting out in the garden beside their stone house, with apple & plum trees for shade and mountains in the background. It is Scotland of course, so it has just rained.
An unexpected delight inside a card from some little friends in the Czech Republic. Thank you Šimon & Adam!! We look forward to living there (and to having a dog)!
(And thanks to parents Magda & Miro too!).