Friday, 19 March 2010

filling those shelves

Lots of lovely new things have been appearing on our shelves this week including some gorgeous new ceramics from Donna Wilson. Beaker Owl (above) has got to be my favourite - a bit of a stunner.

Also from her new ceramic range we have the bone china Meg and Birds Nest plates.

And another new string to this very talented lady's bow is her new printed cotton range. We have Meg cushions and beards nest lavender bags.

Oh and I almost forgot - lambswool combs - to keep your Donna Wilson cushions tip top.
ps. the use my beard to dry your dishes teatowel is back in stock!
beaker owl £12, plates £20, meg cushion £37, beards nest lavender bag £9.50, teatowels £11, lambswool comb £4.50

some new teatowels

Teatowels have become a very popular and inexpensive way of getting a great bit of colour and design into our homes from our favourite artists & designers. And here at boo vake we have quite a collection at the moment from the likes of Gillian Kyle, Lush Designs, Donna Wilson & Mr PS. Joining those we now have a fabulous new one (above) from Fife based artist Hilke MacIntyre from her linocut feeding the ducks. And also (below) London's waiting teatowel from Susie Brooks and moths teatowel from John Dilnot. Whether you dry your dishes with them or pin them to your wall is entirely up to you!

All come with fold-around card packaging with a mini biog of each artist. £8 each.

robots, elephants & vegetables

Aah don't you love him?! He's the new Sentinel robot clock we have in the shop from The Original Metal Box Company.

Also new in are these very clever solar-powered nightnightlights. See that smiley sun above the robot, well that's backed by a little solar panel which you attach to a sunny window and during the day the little night light charges up and at night you pop it back into the back of your cheery robot or elephant to give a reassuring back-glow.

And with spring having kind of sprung and gardening back on the agenda we have this rather lovely Harvest seed cabinet (herbs & spices cabinet or CD cabinet if you like).
Robots, elephants & vegetables all designed by the renowned '60s designer Cifford Richards (who has much of his work from the '60s & '70s in the collection of the V&A) and is still very much (alive &) designing today.

sentinel clock £32, nightnightlight £34, seed box (20cmx20cm) £42. made from powder coated steel

Friday, 12 March 2010

first cycle

First (proper) cycle of the year last weekend - Pitlochry and round Loch Tummel (loch above) - the dark area was the bit that wasn't frozen. The wee book said mostly flat with a little bit of hill - my weary legs begged to differ! Luckily there weren't many real cyclists around to witness this struggle.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

badges, badges, badges

I love badges, especially good big ones, and here are some great badges we have in from Bristol based illustrator & designer Fiona Hamilton. Choose from birds, insects, rodents & wrestlers! Small £1.50, large £2.50

the return of stripey pipey

Stripey Pipey is back.....and he's brought with him Nosey and a new mini-sized lavender Snook. All knitted by The Black Rabbit. Media Mittens are back in stock too!