Thursday, 21 August 2014

mina braun screenprints...

'the green blanket', £70 (unframed)
New to Boo Vake are these wonderful screen-prints from Edinburgh-based artist & illustrator Mina Braun. Hoping to have some of these available framed soon.

'when I step outside', £50 (unframed)

'the red bench', £70 (unframed)

'turn up the volume', £40 (unframed)

'the last hour of the day', £50 (unframed)

 detail of 'hidden in the grass', £100 (unframed)
 'as I was passing by', £30 (unframed)
'by the windmill', £40 (unframed)

'happy crocodile', £30 (unframed)

new karen mabon scarves...

We've been lucky enough to stock Edinburgh-based designer Karen Mabon's amazing scarves for the last couple of years. Here's some of the latest to arrive in the shop.  

(prices range from £25 - £110)