Tuesday, 29 November 2011

gift vouchers now available...

We're acutely aware that at this time of year some of our customers' partners/friends/families sometimes get a bit confused/overwhelmed/desperate. So to make things that bit easier we now have the option of boo vake gift vouchers available to buy in the shop (or over the phone if you like). At the moment we have them in £25s & £50s but they could be in any amount you fancy, just ask.
A little late I know, but at last a pic of my attempt at a Donna Wilson creature (from her The Knitted Odd Bod Bunch book). My first attempt at knitting since I triumphantly completed a (well loved) Mondrian styley mohair jumper circa 1982, aged around 12 (it would seem I peaked too soon in my knitting career). The needles were finally picked up again with the arrival of a number of small people this last wee while. Bunga Bear has gone to live with young Fynn, and if his parents ever forget his date of birth they will find it clumsily 'tattooed' on his rear end. Now on to trying to knit with four needles. If anyone has any tips they would be gratefully received!    

There is a very good interview with Donna Wilson here where she talks about her exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, her influences, and the growing of her business. Well worth a watch.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

We are now open every day until Christmas!! Check out our gift guides on the website!   

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image courtesy of Jane Foster