Friday, 28 October 2011

wine drinkers gather round...

Whether you fancy yourself as a wine buff or, like me, just like drinking the stuff and haven't really a scooby beyond the general (and generally ignored) rule of drinking red with red meat and white with chicken & fish,  then we have THE tea-towel for you!! Following on from showing us the way with seasonal foods, designer Stuart Gardiner has now turned his attention to enhancing our wine/food appreciation!

There's a version for red & white wine lovers, and they are jam-packed with recommendations for which wines go best with which food/dishes/tastes along with other useful pointers, and which combinations you should absolutely avoid! All that and it dries your dishes too!! Would make a perfect present for just about anyone who partakes in the drinking of the old vino (maybe with a bottle wrapped up inside).

a guide to pairing red/white wine with food  tea-towel £9.50

Thursday, 13 October 2011

some new donna wilson

I've got a bit behind in showing off some of the new things that have been arriving in the shop recently, so to get back in the groove, here are a few of the lovely new things we have in from boo vake favourite Donna Wilson!  

First timers at boo vake are Big Ted (pictured at top), who is a bit of a stunner (& rather large, measuring in at a height of 83cm), gorgeous arm-warmers & mittens, and mixed packs of cards, perfect for sending or for framing. We also have a number of rather stunning baby blankets.

Taking of babies... spurred on by a number of friends having (& about to be having) babies this last wee while I've finally got round to knitting something from Donna's book The Knitted Odd-bod Bunch . First time I've picked up knitting needles since circa 1982 so needless to say 'he' has some imperfections but I'm hoping that might add to the 'charm'!  Will maybe post a pic after said 'odd-bod' is safely in it's new home.

big ted £60, arm-warmers & mittens £38, pk of 5 large cards £12.50 

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The shop wil be closed tomorrow (Thurs 6th) as I'll be away at a funeral. Back open as normal on Friday.