Friday, 29 July 2011

wonderful orange

Loving the new colours of the latest Creamola Foam design from Gillian Kyle (very boo vake). And, as I was saying to a very lovely customer just minutes ago, the colour orange - not only is it warm & mood-lifting, but goes with just every other colour imaginable (in my mind anyhow). We have these new tea-towels & aprons from Gillian's new organic cotton range in the shop now. The tea-towel also works well stretched over a canvas (like wot we have in our shop window at the moment).

organic cotton creamola foam tea-towel £7.50, organic cotton creamola foam apron £17

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

people will always need.... trays!

I'm a big fan of trays and a big admirer of the work of British designers Hannah Dipper & Robin Farquar (aka People Will Always Need Plates), and happily these two weaknesses of mine can be well and truly satisfied with the arrival in the shop of PWANP's wonderfully colourful Ecletic Avenue birch wood trays.
As the name suggests, this avenue houses a range of archetypal British homes from various eras, all the way from the Georgian townhouse to the contemporary modular home, & complete with matching modes of transport. The trays are made in Sweden from layers of birch wood (the masters of the wooden tray it would seem), and come in two sizes, large in process blue or 70s green, and the small one in blood orange.
We also have a few PWANP mugs in stock at the moment, and for the young (or not so young) architectural enthusiast, a colouring-in book of British 'architectural masterpieces'.

large eclectic avenue tray £25, small ecletic avenue tray £17.50, mugs £11, colouring books £6

Saturday, 16 July 2011

new in.....

We have a new batch of stripey woollen goodies in the shop from Lindsay (aka The Black Rabbit) - including lavender bod keyrings, media mittens (for your phone or ipod), stripey lavender hearts, and Stripey Pipey & Bare Bear (above) in some lovely new colour combinations.

Bear Bare, aswell as being extremely cute, is also baby friendly -meaning one of his close relatives has been pulled & prodded (and other things that you're better off not thinking about by somebody in a white coat) just to prove he's a fit companion for the smallest of the little people.

lavender bod keyrings £5, lavender hearts £5, media mittens £10, stripey pipey £25, bare bear £27

Thursday, 14 July 2011

back....with orwell and goode

Well, now been back from our hols for a week and a half now (went to Stockholm & Helsinki but more on that at a later date) - so about time I showed you some of the new things that have been appearing in the shop in the last wee while. First up are some screenprints and tea-towels from design partnership Orwell and Goode (aka Zuzana & Bronagh), who from different parts of the country (one in the Highlands & one in the borders) design & handprint an array of distinctively Scottish homewares.

And here are some of the Orwell and Goode teatowels & screenprints in the shop!

dandy deer teatowels £9, in the woods (with stags) teatowels £9, in the woods screenprints (with stags or hares, light or dark backgrounds) £29