Friday, 16 August 2013

looking for a new home...

....that is, for my hoardings of knobs & handles.

It's been about 6 years since I stopped working on furniture in the shop but although I've (mostly) rid myself of my collection of 'useful pieces of wood'  I still have 14 years worth of knobs, handles & miscellaneous removed from various pieces of furniture pre-revamp. I've just unearthed 2 boxes of these from under the seating at the back of shop and I've finally had to admit their time is most definately up.

Rather than throwing them out I'd LOVE to give them to somebody out there that could make use of them. Somebody that didn't just think they were junk. I'm not definite about the exact number but there must be hundreds of them, of all sorts. 

If you think you could do something interesting with them, or know that person who could, AND can pick them up from the shop in Perth, then drop me (Arlene) an email at

I'm ever hopeful.
UPDATE: They've gone! And to someone who thought they were 'treasure'! Who'd have thought I'd get a teeny bit emotional on parting with them (I suppose they represent quite a part of the shop's history) - but on the other hand, it's great to get a bit more space back!

Friday, 9 August 2013

a week in cornwall...

overlooking Kynance Cove
Last week I was down in Cornwall for the very first time. My mother-in-law was celebrating her 80th birthday and thought it would be nice for all her family to congregate close to where her daughter now lives - which gave us a great excuse to enjoy the sun, sea & lovely scenery of south west Cornwall for the week.
along the south west Cornwall coastal path
The Ship Inn, Porthleven

Church Cove
cycling through a field of ponies
heading towards Kynance Cove
cafe at Kynance Cove.
Nothing quite beats the white sandy beaches of the north west of Scotland for me (where you most likely will have the whole beach to yourself) BUT a cafe right by the beach at a craggy cove in Cornwall comes a very close second (especially when you've just lugged your bike down from the coastal path above).

looking out to sea at the Halzephron Inn
our bunkhouse
the nearest beach to our residence
If you look closely you might make out some of the menagerie from the next door farm (as depicted by the young artists in our company)....including Pogo & Poppy the dogs, Godfrey the turkey, Boris the very large pig (although he's looking a little under-sized here) and Tweety the emu.

Pogo really deserves a blog of his own. He lives on the farm next to the bunkhouse but really he's a dog of the world. It seemed like Pogo was around every corner, along every hedgerow, under every table. When we were at my in-laws he was there, in the bunkhouse or in the garden he was there, nestling on our feet. He was there to send us off on our walks, and there to greet us home (well, in his own style). During our week he had an adventure (subsequently known as 'Pogo's Day Out') when he took himself off along the coastal path to a neighbouring town where he endeared himself to some unsuspecting tourists who (rather bizarrely) bought him fish & chips and hung out with him before driving him the few miles home. I suspect that was not the first time, such are his enigmatic powers over lesser beings.

We had intended to visit St Ives, and loads of other places that would have required borrowing a car, but in the end we were perfectly happy walking and cycling closer to home (still managed 5 pubs & a music festival). It felt much more relaxing than our normal holidays. Our last day was just spent in the garden of the bunkhouse reading and drinking G&Ts (such a novelty when you don't have a garden of your own), before walking through the hedgerows to the local pub. Bliss.   

Big thanks to all K's family for making it such a pleasure (I now know he's not the ONLY performer in the family), especially Olive for getting us down there & Fiona for working her magic.