Saturday, 14 February 2015

new work by Hilke MacIntyre.... 'house amongst fir trees'

'house amongst fir trees' acrylic on canvas (30x30cm - set in black wooden frame, 33x33cm), £450 
The last of our updates of new work by Fife-based artist Hilke MacIntyre. We don't normally get many paintings in the shop, so this is a real treat. I don't think I've ever tire at looking at it.

Happy to send this anywhere in the UK postage free, just get in touch.

new work by Hilke MacIntyre - ceramic reliefs...

'violin & cello' ceramic relief (13x13cm), £70
Our latest ceramic reliefs from Fife-based artist Hilke MacIntyre....

'black cat' ceramic relief (6x10.5cm), £40

'mum' ceramic relief (7x19cm), £65

'seeds' (5x22cm) & 'digging' (6x22cm) ceramic reliefs, £60 & £65

'house in the woods' ceramic relief (13x13cm), £70

We can send throughout the UK, please email or phone the shop if interested. 

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

a mouse in a shoe, a bear eating a piece...

We've had the 'mouse in a shoe' as a card before but now the Lisa Jones Studio have added it to their series of extremely affordable risograph prints (which makes me rather happy). Here's our latest offerings...

The prints are A3 size and are available unframed (card-backed & in cellophane) for £10, or framed (in plain black wooden frames) for £22.

If you're unsure about what a risograph print is you can find out the process here  (a pdf from the Risotto Studio).

Friday, 6 February 2015

new work by Hilke MacIntyre - prints...

The Mound - Edinburgh (linocut print 30x40cm, paper size 40x50cm) - £75

It's always a joy to get new work in by Fife-based artist Hilke MacIntyre in the shop. We've got a new batch of ceramic reliefs, linocut & woodcut prints, and a fabulous painting in this week. Here's a wee look at the limited edition prints (click on each print for a larger image)...

Hare (linocut print 20x20cm, paper size 30x30cm) - £50

The Visit (woodcut print 29.7x42cm, paper size 35x47cm) - £90
Coffee Under The Tree (linocut print 21x29.5cm - A4) - £60

On The Water (linocut print 10x15cm, paper size 15x20cm) - £30
Hare In The Snow (linocut print 21x29.7cm - A4) - £45