Tuesday, 4 November 2008

well done Ken!!

My very brave partner Ken (a brewer at The Inveralmond Brewery ) made his debut on the new Gaelic television channel last night on a programme about food and drink called Slighe gu Biadh. Brave because he's a Gaelic learner and was extremely (& uncharacteristically) nervous on the day! The whole programme is set in Perthshire (the bit in the brewery is about 8 minutes in) and has subtitles in English. You can see it HERE on BBC iPlayer for the next week.
*UPDATE* My mum (a gaelic speaker) thinks he did very well!!! He'll be pleased about that!


Pete said...

WOW! Ken on Telly! Amazing - you have a good laugh for telly and look like a complete stud too (I guess)!

Little Go Poop said...

Ken!! Your the one that I want...your the man of my dreams...xxxxxx