Wednesday, 3 December 2008

gift guide....mangifts!

1. space hopper by Edinburgh designer Kate George. box framed to sit on shelf or hang on wall. £36
2. recycled leather covered diaries in many manly colours! small £16 and large £21
3. screenprinted leather keyrings by Prod. £2
4. Pea badges by Kate Sutton for the budding gardener. £3
5. Twig pencils by Flights of Fancy. thin £1.50 and chunky £2
6. mansocks by Catherine Tough. Cosy lounging socks in size 8-10. £18
7. driftwood clocks by Garry Brown. £68-£105
8. catapult pencil by Flights of Fancy. £5
9. groover by Kate George. For all those groovers out there! £36
10. fused glass cufflinks by Alicia MacInnes. £24
11. screenprinted hankerchiefs by Sukie. £8
12. beetle and mini - retro digital artwork by Kate George. boxed out to sit on a shelf or hang on a wall. £22 each
13. angry ginger by Donna Wilson. He's grumpy but soft inside,- sound familiar!! £34
I think there's going to have to be a part 2 to this one!

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