Tuesday, 26 May 2009

buffalo bill & lush designs

Now isn't this the most fabulous light shade ever! Another corker from the very talented ladies of Lush Designs celebrating when Buffalo Bill's 'Wild West Show' came to Britain. Complete with the man himself on horseback, Queen Victoria, Annie Oakley and the chap at the bottom whose name I've temporarily forgotten (must look it up). Aah.. that will be Sitting Bull then.
We have these at the moment in a large pendant shade (£60) and a smaller lamp shade (£34). The smaller shade is without the figures but has the horse galloping through the cacti filled landscape.

detail: buffalo bill
detail: queen victoria

detail: annie oakley
detail: sitting bull

We've also got some wild pig lampshades & tea towels and some great screenprinted clocks (which I'll post when I've got some pictures).


Ebba Redman said...

Hi Arlene,
I know what you mean about the hours, I have been meaning to come and see you too :-)
Love these lamp shades!
Just been setting up my Jewellery bench in the gallery the last few weeks... What did you study?
Perth is going to be a craft and design mecca soon :-)
Hopefully get a chance to pop in soon

boo vake said...

Hi Ebba, I did interior design at DJCA (a bit before your time though!) A