Saturday, 4 September 2010

new(ish) things

Now that August is out the way (and more importantly the boo vake computer is no long in danger of shutting itself down in the middle of writing this) time to get back to showing off some of our latest offerings. First up some of Alice Melvin's delightful Cut Out & Dress Peg cards. Sailor Peg is currently hanging out in our window, ever hopeful of a last gasp of summer in his rather fetching swimsuit.

Also from Alice we have some of her really lovely little booklets of bird stamps.

And still with lovely paper things - new cards from printmaker Alison Hardcastle.

And again from Alison - a little bit of positive thinking in the shape of 3 fabulously packaged mini screenprints in an optimistic theme.
More Alison Hardcastle news next week. We've been doing a bit of collaborating.......!

cards £2/£2.50, bird stamps £4, mini prints £20

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Unknown said...

Oh, they're all so adorable. Especially love the bird stamps, what fantastic illustrations -so sweet!