Thursday, 20 September 2012

new hilke macintyre

'blackbird in the rain' - approx 13cm x 13cm (£60)
It's always a joy to get some new ceramic reliefs from Hilke MacIntyre in the shop. Here's our latest offerings....

'sunny day' - approx 13cm x 13cm (£60)
' just a shower' - approx 17cm x 11cm (£60)
'countryside in september' -  2 parts, approx 27cm x 27cm in total (£160)
  'snowball fight' - approx 20cm x 11cm (£70)
'football in the village' - approx 11cm x 22cm (£70)
'woman & cat' -  approx 5.5cm x 11cm (£35)
(Sizes & prices to follow when I'm back in shop tomorow)


Crafty Lou Louise McLaren said...

These are stunning, especially Countryside in September, I LOVE Hilkes work. I may have to drop huge hints for my Christmas present!!

boo vake said...

Aren't they just. My current favourites are Blackbird in the Rain & Snowball Fight but they are all stunning. Countryside in September is amazing!

Dee said...