Tuesday, 2 June 2009

boats, bikes & balls

on the boating pond, camperdown park, dundee (in hot pursuit!)

cycle-camping in the sma' glen

atholl gathering at blair atholl

atholl highlanders ball

A few things from the last few weekends. I managed to have my first proper 'head hitting the road' type fall from my bike. Took a tumble after hitting some gravel at the side of the road on a downhill corner. Luckily no lasting damage - just scrapes and bruises (or 'road rash' as somebody called it!). Thanks to Susan at the Bankfoot Inn for the plasters and soothing cream!


Hannah Nunn said...

hee i used to do Scottish dancing at middle school. we won championships in Edinburgh and everything you know! It was fun in my tartan!

boo vake said...

aah..the things you find out! well done you Hannah! Ax