Saturday, 27 June 2009

new hilke macintyre ceramic reliefs

hens (approx 12cm x 5.5cm) freestanding or can be hung on wall. £32
Fife based artist Hilke MacIntyre has just sent us some of her fabulous new ceramic reliefs. Each wall-hanging relief is one of an edition of only 50 (although the colouring of each makes each one unique). I love the differing patterns and textures in Hilke's work. What you don't really see in these images are the contrasts between the matt and glazed areas which really lift them. I also love how her female figures always seem to dressed in lovely 50's style dresses whether they are out doing the garden, feeding the hens, or out and about the town! Find out more about Hilke and her artist husband Ian here.

back to the house (15cm x 15.5cm) wall-hanging relief. £60

wedding (13.5cm x 26.5cm) larger wall-hanging relief with lots of dancing! £85

market- buying bananas (15cm x 15cm) wall-hanging relief. £60

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